Catering Management Association of Ireland is a voluntary, non profit Association of qualified professional caterers. Founded in 1956, it was formed primarily to represent managers in the industrial and institutional sectors. In recent years, the membership database has expanded nationwide, to include a varied cross section of caterers: Healthcare, Hospitals, Care Centres, Colleges, Banks, Prison Services, Training Institutes, Golf Clubs, as well as Trade, Retired and Honorary members.

The Association is governed by a council consisting of a membership of 15 professional Caterers from the various sectors of the Catering Industry, elected every two years, and the annual general meeting is held yearly at the end of January.

The primary aim is to promote the interests of the members and to continually innovate, advocate and further the development of standards of best practice which can be achieved and maintained in catering establishments .

The objectives of the Association are as follows;

a) To maintain links with fellow professionals and collaborate through the sharing of technical knowledge.

b) To foster an environment of professional development for members by means of conferences, lectures, site visits and workshops in furthering an ethos of continual professional development.

c) To encourage the appointment of professionally qualified persons with appropriate experience to posts of responsibility.

d) To liaise, co-operate and form affiliations with Catering Colleges and Educational Institutes.

e) To liaise, co-operate and form affiliations with professional associations and groups having allied interests.

f) To build and maintain mutually beneficial working relationships with trade associations and industry bodies. To promote innovation, research , the development of products and services for the advancement of professionalism within the catering and hospitality industry.

g) Through all efforts possible to promote the Association and encourage professional members of the catering and hospitality industry to join the CMAI.

Membership Benefits

  • Network opportunities with fellow catering management professionals
  • Benefit from information links with relevant organisations
  • The CMAI organises seminars and events and informs members of other events to assist in the professional development of its members
  • The CMAI offers members the chance to attend various social events throughout the year
  • Provide a voice for catering managers in national and international forums such as

1. NSAI (National Standards Association of Ireland)

2. National Hygiene Partnership

3. The Catering Trust

4. Healthcare Caterers International